Cocoknits knitters block


Cocoknits Knitter’s Block contains everything needed to block hand-knits.

The interlocking tiles fit together to create the best shape to suit projects, whether they’re square, round or triangular. Each tile has a fabric covering that gently grips knitting while blocking.

With a thick waterproof backing, no moisture will seep through onto the surface below, plus pins are held firmly in place. The tiles are heat-resistant making them perfect for steam blocking.

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 The Knitter’s Block kit includes:

  • 18 interlocking, fibre-topped 12x12in foam tiles (compatible with older Knitter’s Block tiles)
  • 40 stainless-steel T-pins
  • 48in square cotton cloth woven with 1in square gingham to help measure the finished piece
  • A sturdy 14x14in jute bag to contain the kit

Why your customers will love this

  • Low, lightly barbed pile with fabric covering will not cause pilling or leave fibres
  • Versatile assembly suits a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Thick waterproof EVA backing is suitable for use on all surfaces
  • Heat resistant – essential for steam blocking
  • Compact – blocks are stored in a sturdy 14x14in bag


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