Best Knitting Gifts for Craft Lovers

Buying for friends, family or loved ones that have a passion for knitting or crafts in general can in some ways be easy as you know the kinds of gifts that will go down a storm. On the other hand, though, what can you buy for the avid knitter in your life that already has everything they could need? To help you out, The Foundry Works has put together a handy gift buying guide for craft lovers with a range of unique ideas from many small, independent brands that your loved one is likely not to already have in their collection.  

Knitting Kits

Knitting kits are an excellent option for gifting as they include everything someone needs to start and finish a knitting project. You can find a kit that suits your recipient’s age, gender and knitting experience down to the ground, whether they’re older and have children or you are looking for a gift for a child or beginner knitter that would prefer a more straightforward kit to follow.

Sardines4tea Kits

The Foundry Works offer a range of adorable knitting kits for adults with young children or for children themselves to have a go at, including the Sardines4tea range which includes several gorgeous knitted teddies. The range offers fitting knitting kits for those just getting started who want something to sink their teeth into, or those who are more experienced and want a project to build on their existing knitting skills. Each kit comes with clear instructions to follow and outlines which knitting skills you will need to have already or learn to create charming results. All kits also include all the yarn types and colours required, easy-to-follow patterns, stuffing and even cute buttons to complete your project! 

Here are a few of our favourite Sardines4tea kits for people of all ages either to create for themselves or children in their life:

Frankie the Monkey

frankie the monkey knitted teddy for a knitting gift

Hugo the Hippo

hugeo the hippo knitted gift

Henry the Puppy

henry the puppy knitting gift

Hand-Dyed Yarn

There is a vast range of yarn available to knitters these days at different prices and in all kinds of qualities, colours, patterns, materials and weights to suit different experience levels, projects and personal preferences. In particular, hand-dyed yarn is a fantastic gift idea as every ball of yarn is unique and dyed by hand to make for an exceptional yarn to work with and create one-of-a-kind items. At The Foundry Works, we pride ourselves on stocking stunning hand-dyed yarns from small, independent businesses in many incredible colourways.

Dye Candy

One of our most popular hand-dyed yarn brands is Dye Candy, who hand dye all their yarn from their home in Northern Ireland. There are always new colourways on offer, making their hand-dyed yarn ideal knitting gifts as your loved one will always have a unique colour option to add to their collection. Dye Candy has even created us our own colourway with the ‘Sting’ hand-dyed yarn being entirely exclusive for our site, making it the perfect option for gifting as you can be rest assured your friend or family member won’t already have it! 

Dye Candy ‘Sting’ 4ply Hardcore Sock

dye candy range sting coloured yarn

Self Striping Yarn

Along with hand-dyed yarn, self-striping yarn is a great knitting gift idea for the people in your life that already appear to have every yarn colour under the sun and may benefit from a patterned and more colourful option. Self-striping yarn includes a considerable range of colour varieties including various shades and contrasting colours for projects like socks, scarves and hats where the more colourful they are, the better! 

West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn

One of our most-loved brands is West Yorkshire Spinners, and we stock a vast range of their self-striping 4ply yarn made from a mixture of wool and nylon in many different colourways to suit men, women, children and adults. All the yarn is highly affordable, so it is an ideal gift for those on a tighter budget or who plan to gift loved ones an array of items and create a personalised knitting hamper of sorts! 

West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Yarn

west yorkshire spinners yarn 4ply knitting gift

King Cole

Many other types of yarn are suitable for gifting too, such as King Cole’s soft and fluffy yarn made from 100% polyamide. This fluffy style yarn comes in a beautiful array of colours on the fancier side, including pinks, blues, and more neutral coffee and vanilla coloured shades to suit all kinds of personal preferences. Whether your friend or family members are into creating the brightest and most attention-grabbing knitted garments possible or prefer a more neutral-toned variation to go with any outfit or interior, the King Cole yarn is a brilliant knitting gift option to consider. At such affordable prices, you could even treat the craft-lovers in your life to an array of yarn options. 

King Cole Soft Yarn

king cole soft yarn truffle knitting gift

Knitting Accessories

Although yarn may be the first thing that may come to mind when thinking of the best gifts for knitters in your life, there are plenty of other knitting accessories like needles, hooks, pins and more, that can be great to gift to those who already have an impressive collection of yarn. 

Lana Bou

One of our favourite independent brands we stock is Lana Bou, who offer a range of stitch markers, including pens and pencils, as well as some distinctive yarn-related badges. Stitch markers resemble paper clips or keyrings and are a handy knitting tool used to mark the end of a row, the place last left off, or where to start a new pattern – beneficial for those new to knitting or those who tend to get sidetracked from their knitting projects so need a way to mark their progress. The Lana Bou stitch markers are available in sets of four. They are highly popular among craft lovers and knitting gift buyers due to the range of markers on offer including a festive Christmas range, dinosaurs, botanicals, biscuits, and even a dedicated range for gin lovers. 

Stitch Markers

lana bou stitch markers

Our Lana Bou range also includes several other gift ideas such as crafty pencils and pens, and badges complete with knitting phrases like ‘I didn’t choose the knitting life, the knitting life chose me’ to attach to a knitting bag or craft case and add a personal touch! 

Yarn Badges

yarn badges lana bou

Browse our knitting gifts today!

The Foundry Works are proud to stock an abundance of incredible, small and independent brands that make for extraordinary and personal gifts for your favourite people or to treat yourself. Browse our range of hand-dyed or self-striping yarns, knitting accessories or knitting kits today to find the perfect gift for those you love at highly affordable prices, or get in touch to find out more about what we have to offer.


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