The Best Knitting Kits for Kids

Knitting is a brilliant way to keep the kids under control, relax them and let them create something to be proud of. It is a great pastime and a valuable skill to learn. There are lots of knitting kits available for everyone to try, including beginners.

This guide contains all you need to know about knitting kits for kids; they’ll be mastering the art of knitting in no time.

kids knitting with parent

How easy is knitting?

Knitting consists of two simple stitches: a knit and a purl. The majority of knitting patterns tend to be formed from a combination of the two. Patterns for beginners tend to focus on a simple knit, and purl is brought in later. With a little bit of patience and practice, your child will be a knitting expert, and it will keep them quiet!

How much yarn do I need, and which knitting needles do children use?

Beginner knitting kits contain all you need to finish a project. When choosing a kit for your child, ensure it has at least the basics:

  • Quality needles (the correct size for the project) 
  • Quality yarn (enough to finish the project) 
  • An easy-to-follow pattern

Some kits contain extra items too:

  • Scissors 
  • A project bag
  • Stitch markers
  • Stitch counters

Please note that needle sizes depend on the project and which size is required to complete it, so always check before getting started. 

Kids knitting kits

So, where do children begin? What should they create? Here are five ideas to start your kid’s knitting journey. 

  1. Scarfs 

This is a great place for beginners to start as a scarf is based on a simple knit design. The instructions inside, also known as a pattern, will guide your child with casting on, casting off, knitting and sewing up the finished piece. A scarf makes a great gift for both family and friends too. There’s nothing better than a cosy chunky knitted scarf for those cold winter days! 

  1. Blankets

Like the scarf but a little bigger, the blanket pattern is often based on a simple knit. This gives your children a larger canvas to play with to begin to learn the basics of knitting. Whether it be a baby blanket for their new sister or a blanket for their own bed, this is a rewarding project with a snuggly outcome.

  1. Cushion covers

What’s more modern than a chunky knit cushion on the settee? Not only is it stylish, but it’s also made by your special little one. This design is usually based on a knit with no fancy seams or confusing patterns. 

  1. Teddies 

Kids love a new teddy and they’ll love it even more if it’s created by themselves. It’s something to be proud of, something that they can show everyone. The traditional bear looks so sweet with tiny crochet ears. Although this is a step up from scarfs, blankets and cushion covers, it’s certainly an achievement and something you can get involved in! 

  1. Animals 

Children always want a new stuffed animal toy. Allow the kids to make their own unique animal by knitting one! View one of our most popular toft Lucy the Hare here; this is a level 1 animal, perfect for beginners.  

Where can you purchase kids knitting kits?

At The Foundry Works, we sell a range of kids knitting kits from cosy blankets to cute animals. These kits include everything you need for your child to begin knitting. We also stock a range of hand-dyed yarns, self-striping yarn, project bags, books and accessories online and in-store. Search our website, come in-store or follow us on social media today. Be sure to support a small independent business!


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