Five of the Best Baby Knitting Patterns

If you’re new to your needles, baby knitting patterns are a great place to start. There are plenty of patterns and helpful hints available online to guide you along your knitting journey. As the community of crafting novices grows, you’ll be supported by fellow knitting newbies through whichever baby knitting patterns you choose to sit down with. 

Whether you’re planning to purl up a knitted cuddly toy or you have a miniature pair of socks in mind, The Foundry Works stocks independent patterns and hand-dyed yarns that will inspire you to keep crafting. Here’s our pick of the most popular patterns available. 

1. Beginner’s Baby Booties

One for the beginners out there, knitting a pair of cosy baby booties is not only one of the more simple baby knitting patterns but is sure to become a comforting favourite for the lucky baby or toddler receiving a hand-knitted gift. Easy baby booties can be slipped on with a simple foldover instead of using more tricky heel shaping. You won’t require double pointed needles either. 

2. Crocheted Baby Blankets

Do you still have your own old baby blanket tucked away somewhere? One of the best things about crafting with baby knitting patterns is the knowledge that your hard work will become a memento your little one will keep close by for the months and years to come. Sitting down to craft a baby blanket gives you the chance to put your own spin on your stitches, too. You could try crocheting an interesting pattern or design or use hand-dyed yarn to add unique colour combinations to your blanket.

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

If you’re planning your Christmas gifts early, toy baby knitting patterns are the perfect choice to get started with. We stock a stack of different patterns to make cuddly toys from sheep to alpacas, so whatever animal is your child’s current favourite, our knitting kits have got you covered. 

Complete with a handy list of everything you’ll need, this cuddly pattern means you’ll have no hassle getting your stitches off to the best possible start. Letting you cast off, purl stitch, and knit stitches together, creating a Christmas hand-knitted toy means you can put your knitting techniques to the test, all while creating a festive and cuddly childhood keepsake. 

4. Woolly Winter Hats 

Keeping your babies and toddlers nice and cosy, woolly winter hats are as fun to make as they are to wear – and you can have them finished and ready to wear in as little as one afternoon. Crafty knitted hats have two wonderfully woven elements to them. As well as the hat itself, you can make your own pom-poms that sit on top and make your hat truly unique. The more fun you have when it comes to your pom-poms, the better, whether you weave in glittery threads or a whole rainbow of bright colours.

5. Rompers and Playsuits 

Ready to try one of the more advanced baby knitting patterns? Rather than knitting cosy accessories or toys, you could try creating a whole outfit like a romper, playsuit, or even dungarees.

These types of baby knitting patterns aren’t quick-stitch jobs though – prepare to get properly settled down with your needles when you’re creating an all-in-one masterpiece. The effort you put into creating a romper complete with hood and buttons is all worth it once you see your carefully chosen yarn turned into a beautiful baby outfit you can keep forever. 

Our knitting kits, accessories, and baby knitting patterns are all part of our family-owned business, letting you explore the world of colourful crafts independently. To find out more about the story behind our lovingly hand-dyed yarn, get in touch with us today. 


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