Hand Knitting: Tips for Beginners

A skill that’ll last you a lifetime, hand knitting lets you craft woolly masterpieces with authenticity and style you just won’t see from machine knits, as well as being a great way to pass the time. Are you ready to give hand knitting a try? The Foundry Works’ wide range of independent and authentic yarn brands gives you tons of unique colours and weights to choose from. 

Here are some of our top tips for beginners to start your hand knitting journey off on a high. 

Choose the best yarn for you

Hand-dyed wool gives you an entirely unique colour creation that means your finished work will truly be one of a kind. From simple, one shade colours that make for perfect bigger pieces, to colourful tie-dyed strands that allow you to see something new every time you look at your design, choosing your perfect yarn is sure to get you excited for the next stage of your project. 

You may find it useful to carefully consider the texture and thickness of your yarn. Different thicknesses are better suited to different projects so if you’re hand knitting a woollen blanket for winter, you might want to go for a chunky knit that’ll keep you cosy. If you’re planning a more intricate design for a piece of clothing, a thin yarn will fit you just right and allow for a more detailed project. 

The texture of your yarn is another factor that makes a difference when it comes to the style of hand knitting you’re going for. You should always consider how you want your knitted product to feel to keep your finished piece completely consistent. 

Plan out your project

Once you’ve picked out your perfect yarn, you’re ready to get creative. Whatever hand-knitted design you’ve been dreaming of, now’s the time to think about how you will achieve the finished piece you want to make. 

There are plenty of hand knitting patterns guides and books out there for you to take a look at to benefit your technique and gain creative inspiration. No matter how new you are to the hand knitting world, there are many beginner patterns you can follow for success every time. Start off simple with a scarf or hat, or take on a bigger project with a pair of comfy socks or a blanket. 

Set yourself a deadline

Many would-be knitters fail at the first hurdle because they become frustrated with the step by step and careful nature of the hand knitting process. If you want to achieve stunning results speedily, setting a deadline to get your homemade wonder done and dusted will help you stay on track. This will help you get more enjoyment out of your hand knitting project too. Whether it’s a scarf for winter or a gift for an upcoming birthday, sticking to a finishing date in your diary will make sure you don’t end up with piles of leftover yarn from past hand knitting projects dotted around your house. 

While it can be productive to set rough dates for completing your knitting projects, it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy your time spent knitting. Taking your time to perfect your technique can leave you with a higher quality piece in the end. 

Learn a frogging technique or two

Even the most experienced knitting experts among us miss a stitch along the rows every now and again. Frogging knitting helps you save your entire piece of work when you see a mistake. Rather than hoping a dropped stitch goes unnoticed, picking up a frogging technique helps you sort things out quickly and carefully, without letting all your hard work go to waste. Remember, though, your hand knitting project is supposed to be fun! Even if you make mistakes, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and learn something new. 

Whatever creation you’re planning on crafting next, our hand-dyed yarn and knitting kits are sure to get your hand knitting journey off on a roll. The Foundry Works supply independent, hand-dyed and designed yarn to help you craft beautifully unique pieces. Explore our range of yarn colours, weights and brands today. 


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