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What is Yarn Bombing?

Not only does it bring a smile to passersby, but it also allows for knitters to make a statement and draw attention to everyday objects that usually go unnoticed. So, what is yarn bombing then?  Yarn bombing is the practice of covering objects or structures in public places with decorative knitted material. Think of it […]

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The Best Knitting Kits for Kids

Knitting is a brilliant way to keep the kids under control, relax them and let them create something to be proud of. It is a great pastime and a valuable skill to learn. There are lots of knitting kits available for everyone to try, including beginners. This guide contains all you need to know about […]

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Best Knitting Gifts for Craft Lovers

Buying for friends, family or loved ones that have a passion for knitting or crafts in general can in some ways be easy as you know the kinds of gifts that will go down a storm. On the other hand, though, what can you buy for the avid knitter in your life that already has […]

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The History of Knitting: Where It All Began

Ever wondered who’s picked up the knitting needles before you? The history of knitting shows just how many people and professionals have sat down with their latest knitting projects, either to create a functional garment to keep warm or to craft a beautiful masterpiece to be admired.  The Foundry Works stocks endless rolls of hand-dyed […]

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Hand Knitting: Tips for Beginners

A skill that’ll last you a lifetime, hand knitting lets you craft woolly masterpieces with authenticity and style you just won’t see from machine knits, as well as being a great way to pass the time. Are you ready to give hand knitting a try? The Foundry Works’ wide range of independent and authentic yarn […]

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